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May 23, 2008 · Tractor. 1980 AC 5020. Sort of OT, but sort of not. My wife just bought a horse trailer with electric brakes. Her old trailer has electric brakes, and they work. When we plug in the "new" trailer the brakes lock up. Also, the indicator light on the controller doesn't light up at all with the new trailer plugged in, but works with the old ....
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Trailer Brakes Locked Up When Unplugged After ensuring that the trailer brakes and all the wiring are secure and connected correctly, you need to check the power wires. Wires with damage and wear and tear can be responsible for the trailer brakes locking up when unplugged. Again, you can use a circuit tester to test the power reaching the brakes.

Since it works on a 5 pin adaptor you need power to the reverse lights to get them to disengage. Click to expand... Pretty sure they all use the same UFP coupler.. Take a picture of the front of the trailer. There should be a place to put in the lock out even on the solenoid reverse trailers.
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  • What should my trailer brake controller be set to? Tekonsha recommends setting the power setting for its unit at "6" for a starting point. This means that with the trailer attached and the engine running, the operator pulls the manual override lever on the controller all the way to the left—maximum brake.
  • The most common electrical problem is low or no voltage and amperage at the brakes. Common causes of this condition are; poor electrical connections, open circuits, insufficient wire size, broken wires, blown fuses (fusing of brakes is not recommended), improperly functioning controllers or resistors. Another common electrical problem is ...
  • Right signal+ right brake lights. Left signal+ left brake lights. Brake pedal. Running lights. Constant power (black wire) Neutral wire. Electric brake. To test the trailer brakes at the plug, place one lead of voltmeter on the neutral (bottom left pin) and constant power (top-right pin). If you get 12V, all’s good.
  • Oct 01, 2020 · Electric Brakes. Electric brakes are constructed with electronic components and a set of magnets that apply pressure to a wheel hub. This is controlled by a module that is located in the tow vehicle and is applied as you are pressing on the vehicle’s brake. This connection is made with a trailer harness that will be connected to the tow vehicle.
  • Hey Gang, Since owning my trailer, I have NEVER been able to get the trailer brakes to lock-up. They stop ok, but I don't trust them for a panic stop. Because of this, I always leave plenty of room to stop. This situation has occured when using the Reese Brakeman and the Jordan Ultima. We just installed the Jordan yesterday and couldn't get the ...